Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diaper dilemma

I just had this conversation with myself for the fourth or fifth time today, in response to Emmy crying:

Is she wet?  If she's wet I should change her diaper.
But, if she's crying because she's about to poop, I should definitely not change her diaper.
However, if she's crying because she's tired, I should change her, because she's already been in this diaper for a while and I don't want her sleeping in it for another couple of hours.
But then again, if she's crying because she's hungry I should not change her, because she always pees right after she eats and then I'll either have to change her again in half an hour or let her sit in that for another couple of hours. 

For the record, this time I took a chance and changed the diaper.  And then immediately heard a couple of rumbles from that area that we are going to go ahead and assume were farts.